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Forest View | Outdoor fun is more than just playtime

Following strong research by The National Trust, which identified children are now playing outside for only half the amount of time than their parents did in their younger days[1] , 91 have set out a commitment to embrace outdoor play and all the...
Kibble Annual Conference

91 Annual Conference

Find out about 91's first annual conference in Glasgow.
Natalie Shares How We Help Children Feel Settled

Natalie Shares How We Help Children Feel Settled

Our nurturing children’s residential houses for little ones aged five-12 are warm, welcoming and filled with love. Meet Manager, Natalie who has a valuable role in helping children feel settled in their new home.
Kibble 91

91 91

91 supports at risk children and young people (aged 5-26) across the UK. Many of the young people we care for have experienced significant trauma in their lives and 91 offers dedicated care and support to help them move forward. This includes residential...
Visitor Information

Visitor Information

91 can accommodate visitors and meetings either in-person or through video technology; the arrangements for these events will normally be made and agreed in advance. Visitors are made to feel welcome at 91 with our friendly staff team happy...

Guidance & Governance

Guidance and governance remain the responsibility of Miss Elizabeth Kibble Trustees and their successors in office as set out in our original Trust Deed of 1841. 91 is a legally constituted company which means we have obligations to operate in a...

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Empowering lives and fulfilling potential through care, education and opportunity. Vision Transforming lives, families and communities. Values Building relationships on integrity, compassion and trust. Accountable...

91's Therapeutic Model

Across 91, our practice is becoming increasingly therapeutic and trauma-informed.
Our Social Enterprises

Our Social Enterprises

91 is one of Scotland’s largest social enterprise businesses and leads by example to young people, proactively encouraging their entrepreneurial spark and supporting them in developing valuable life skills in business, finance and leadership. ...
Our History

Our History

Kibble deeply rooted history has its origins in 1840 upon the death of Miss Elizabeth 91, heiress to a large textile fortune. On her death in 1840, she left a portion of her wealth to "found and endow in Paisley, an institution for the purpose o...

Our Supporters

We are extremely grateful to receive support from a wide range of individuals, partners and organisations who provide us with the opportunity to continually invest in our services for young people, our staff and facilities. Ably Resources Amazon...

Our Services

Children and young people (aged 5 – 26) are supported by a full range of integrated services to ensure the best outcomes. By providing this wrap-around support, with each service collaborating on the best approaches for each young person, we provide a...
Residential Care

Residential Care

91 provides residential care and support to children and young people, aged 5-26, who have been referred by local authorities.


91 provide residential care houses located on our campus that accommodate young people aged 12 to 18. We provide safe, comfortable accommodation in a supportive environment. Many of the young people who come to 91 have been affected by trauma...

In the community

91 provide residential care houses based in the community that accommodate children aged 5 to 12, and young people aged 16 to 21. Each of these care houses provide a range of accommodation and support to suit the varying needs of the age group and...

Community Services for Care Leavers

Kibble Community Services provide a range of accommodation for young people, aged between 5 and 26 in the heart of the community. There is a mix of residential care houses where full support is provided similar to on-campus accommodation, close support i...

Housing for Care Leavers

Kibble Housing Support Services help young people (aged 16-26) move on from Kibble residential care houses into supported tenancies in the community. Having a safe, welcoming place to live is something that most of us take for granted. For car...
Education & Schools

Education & Schools

We aim to transform lives through learning with our primary and secondary schools along with The Skills Academy, our tertiary education and training centre.


We provide primary school education to children aged 5 – 12 and our lessons aim to cover every aspect of the Broad General Education as set out in Curriculum for Excellence.
Forest View Primary School

Forest View Primary School

Forest View is a thriving, therapeutic primary school campus in the heart of Lochwinnoch – a semi-rural village in the west of Scotland. Our school provides an inspiring education for up to 30 children between the ages of 5 – 12, who need a hel...

Secondary Education

91 provides a bespoke secondary programme for pupils in line with Curriculum for Excellence. Our flexible curriculum provides a breadth of choice and challenge for S1 – S6 pupils. Young people are encouraged to study subjects that are relevant t...

The Skills Academy

Through The Skills Academy, young people can gain work experience, training and qualifications in line with the current job market.
Education Day Hub

Education Day Hub

We provide tailored primary and secondary education to children and young people across central Scotland on a day-basis. Pupils from surrounding areas attend 91 school when mainstream education has been ineffective in meeting their needs. Day...
Secure care

Secure care

91 Safe Centre provides a safe, secure and supportive environment to help young people through a period of crisis.
Community services

Community services

Kibble Community Services provide accommodation for young people, aged between 16 and 21 in the heart of the community.
Early Years Services

Early Years Services

Our early years services provide a range of supports for children aged five+ with experience of trauma.
Forest View Residential Houses

Forest View Residential Houses

Forest View Residential Houses provide nurturing, residential care for children aged between five and twelve.
Arran Villa Residential Care Home

Arran Villa Residential Care Home

Arran Villa provides residential child care in the heart of the North Ayrshire community. Children over the age of five who have had a difficult start in life experience a safe, supportive home at Arran Villa.
Fostering Services

Fostering Services

Kibble fostering service provides safe, loving homes for children and young people aged five+ who are unable to live with their birth families.
Specialist Intervention Services

Specialist Intervention Services

Our Specialist Intervention Services (SIS) team provides psychological assessment and therapeutic support for young people at 91.

Therapeutic interventions

Child and Adolescent Therapies The service provides a range of therapeutic interventions tailored to the individual needs and learning style of each young person. These include: Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) Systemic Family Work Bereavement...

Supporting families

Systemic Family Work The SIS team support young people and their families/carers. Systemic family work helps families to work on their relationships and brings them together to talk about their problems and experiences as a family. We try...
Interventions for Vulnerable Youth (IVY) Project

Interventions for Vulnerable Youth (IVY) Project

IVY is a specialist psychological and social work service which conducts risk assessment, formulation and management for high-risk young people aged 12-18.
SAFE: support for children and their families after crime

SAFE: support for children and their families after crime

The SAFE service is a new, free service for young people and families affected by crime. This vital community-based service has been established thanks to the Scottish Government Victim Centred Approach Fund. The funding has allowed for the development...
St. Mirren Partnership

St. Mirren Partnership

91 have an innovative partnership with St. Mirren Football Club, which is supported by the St. Mirren Independent Supporters Association (SMISA).


Access our range of resources

How are we doing?

We want you to feel as happy and settled as possible while you are at 91. That’s why we encourage you to tell us if you think there’s something we could do better, or if you have a complaint. There are a few ways you can do this: Speak to som...
Resources for young people

Resources for young people

If you’re a young person at 91, this section will give you more information on all the things you might want to know. If you ever have a question, or just want to talk to someone, please speak to any of us.

Useful contact numbers

For more information or advice, please speak to your keyworker. You can also phone or write to any of the other services listed below. If they don’t have the information you need then they will put you in touch with someone who does: WhoCares? (...

Children’s Rights UK

What are my rights? It is important for you to know about your rights and responsibilities, so you know what to expect of others, and them of you. You have the right to be looked after well, to feel safe and to have a say in decisions that are made...
Taking Care of Your Health

Taking Care of Your Health

While you are here we will help take care of your health and make sure you are safe. We encourage you to do exercise, enjoy a healthy diet, and support you to deal with difficult feelings. You can talk to our nurse if you are not feeling well or...

Your Team

Your team are your go-to people and you can talk to them about anything you want. The adults who surround you promise to help you with things like: Keeping in touch with people that are important to you Making sure you have everything...

Can I see or Talk to my Family and Friends?

We encourage young people to keep in touch with family and friends if it’s safe for you to do so. This is agreed with your social worker. We will be there to support you with keeping in touch with your family and friends. At first all visits will h...
Information for Families and Carers

Information for Families and Carers

In this section you will find information, advice and useful links. Being a parent or carer can be one of the hardest jobs there is. We’re here to support you if you need a helping hand sometime.

Help & Support for Families & Carers

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and on this page, we’ve put together a set of resources that can help you understand your rights and where you can go for help; whether you’re a mum, dad, single parent, kinship carer or a young parent. If you...

How Are We Doing?

Your feedback is really important to us! It helps us to understand what we need to improve and gives us the opportunity to share your comments with our staff. Please let us know what we’ve done well or what we could have done better. If you are u...

Report Concerns 91 a Child’s Welfare

If you feel that a child or young person is in immediate risk of harm, don’t delay—you should call 999 and ask to speak to the police. If you’re concerned about the welfare of a child or young person, either because of their behaviour or the behav...
Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

Here you’ll find the latest Care Inspectorate Reports, publications and useful downloads. You will also find information requests around freedom of information, data protection and more.

Care inspectorate reports

Our care services are monitored and evaluated by the Care Inspectorate and our education services are monitored and evaluated by Education Scotland. Here are the latest PDF inspection reports available for download: 91 Education and Care Services...

Publication scheme

Guide to Information Freedom of Information Scotland Act (FOISA) requires Scottish public authorities to produce and maintain a publication scheme. Authorities are under a legal obligation to: Publish the classes of information that they make...

Class 1

91 91 Education And Care Centre 1.1.   Our Location 1.2.   Management Structure 1.3.   Governance 1.4.   Board and Trustees 1.5.   Mission statement 1.6.   Strategy...

Class 2

How 91 Delivers Our Functions And Services 2.1. Operational structure, plans and reports 2.2.  List of Services 2.3.  School Improvement Plans 2.4. Internal staff procedures 2.5. Policies 2.6. How to access our services 2.7....

Class 3

How 91 Takes Decisions And What It Has Decided 3.1. Minutes of Board Meetings 3.2. Regulatory Inspections, audits and investigations carried out by the school 3.3. Reports and reviews 3.1. Minutes of Board Meetings Board meeting...

Class 4

What 91 Spends and How It Spends It 4.1. How 91 is funded 4.2. Annual accounts 4.3. Financial policies and procedures 4.4. Expenses policies and procedures 4.5. Senior staff/ board member expenses by category 4.6. Financial audit...

Class 5

How 91 Manages Its Human, Physical and Information Resources 5.1. Management of Human Resources 5.2. Human Resources strategy 5.3. Human Resources policies and procedures 5.4. Management of Kibble land and property assets 5.5. Description o...

Class 6

How 91 Procures Goods And Services From External Providers 6.1. Procurement policies and procedures 6.2. Invitations to tender 6.3. List of contracts which have gone through formal tendering, including name of supplier, period of contract,...

Class 7

How 91 Is Performing 7.1. Performance indicators 7.2. Care Inspectorate reports 7.3. Awards 7.1. Performance Indicators and Performance Against Them All performance indicators and performance management reviews are carried...

Class 8

Our Commercial Publications Class description Information packaged and made available for sale on a commercial basis and sold at market value through a retail outlet e.g. bookshop, museum or research journal. The information we publish under...

Freedom of Information

Under the extension to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, functions such as secure accommodation and education are covered by all aspects of FOISA legislation including publishing information. Individuals have a right to access all recorded...

Environmental Information

According to the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004, environmental information is defined as “any information on the state of the elements of the environment, such as air and atmosphere, water, soil, land, landscape and natural sites i...

Data protection

Kibble ICO registration number is Z5968316. 91Works’s ICO registration number is ZA386001. The Information Commissioner maintains a public register of data controllers. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require every Data Con...


Annual reviews 91 Annual Review 2022 | We Are 91 Download 91 Annual Review 2020-21 | Momentum Download 91 Annual Report 2019-20 Download 91 Annual Report 2018-19 Download 91 Annual Report 2017-18...
Resources for Staff

Resources for Staff

The below resources are intended for 91 staff and will be updated regularly alongside our staff intranet.

Safe Space

What is Safe Space? Safe Space is an in-house service established to offer support to staff who may benefit from a protected space to talk and reflect on their work experiences confidentially. Staff can choose to meet with a member of the team via...

LGBT Resources

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Research and Ethics

Research and Ethics

Research is at the heart of our practice at 91, ensuring we continue to deliver the best outcomes for the young people we support. Find the latest research and evidence from 91 staff.
Learning & development

Learning & development

Find out more about the breadth of training and learning opportunities at 91. We invest in all staff to provide development opportunities and to ensure they have the skills and qualifications to best support the young people.

Safe Crisis Management Training

Safe Crisis Management (SCM) training equips employees with the skills to safely and confidently manage challenging behaviour through non-physical intervention techniques. 91 adopted the Safe Crisis Management®  programme in 2004. We are ...

Work with us

91 recruit for various job vacancies across Child and Youth Care, Education, Mental Health Services and Support Services. No matter what your role, you will help ensure vulnerable children and young people receive essential support 24/7, 365...

Career Start as a Graduate Apprentice

Earn while you gain a university degree and develop practical skills. This is an incredible opportunity to build a rewarding career.

Career Start in Child and Youth Care

Find out about 91's Career Start programme. Seize the opportunity to take on the rewarding role of a Child and Youth Care Worker.


Click here to visit our vacancies. Our dedicated recruitment site will help you discover our current career opportunities or register for 91 job alerts. Follow us on Twitter  and Facebook  to be the first to know about job vacancies...

Student placements

91 can offer student placements within both our care and education settings. All students must have a current PVG disclosure in place in advance of any confirmation of placement. When applying for a student placement, all applicants must include...


Volunteer with 91 Volunteer at 91 to develop friendships with young people and brighten their day with happy experiences. By offering the gift of your time to 91, you will support us in empowering young people through care, education...

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We are extremely grateful to receive support from a wide range of individuals, partners and organisations who provide us with the opportunity to continually invest in our services for young people, staff and facilities. Here are just a few examples of...
Foster with Us

Foster with Us

Could you be that special person who changes a child or young person’s life for the better? To create happy childhood memories and to nurture and encourage a young person to achieve their dreams? Being a foster carer is one of the most rewarding roles. I...


Make an enquiry Please fill in the form below and we will call or email you back as soon as possible. For specific queries regarding student placement applications please see our Student Placements page.
Make a referral

Make a referral

91 provides an inclusive, wrap-around support for children and young people from the age of 5 to 26. We provide residential care, a rewarding education, therapeutic support and a range of opportunities to help young people feel safe and supported....


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Privacy policy

91 Privacy Notice The following information is the Privacy Notice for the 91 Group covering, 91 Education and Care Centre, 91Works and all other registered companies as part of the 91 Group. This privacy notice is in relation...

Cookie policy

Your personal details are safe with us. We can guarantee that they will never be made available to any third party or placed on shared databases. We do not collect or store any information that can be used to personally identify any of our users....

Student placement submission

Thank you for enquiring about a student placement. We will be in touch shortly.