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Kibble Housing Support Services help young people (aged 16-26) move on from Kibble residential care houses into supported tenancies in the community.

Having a safe, welcoming place to live is something that most of us take for granted. For care leavers – some of the most vulnerable young people in our society – this can often seem unattainable and could be their first adult struggle following a disrupted childhood.

Housing for Care Leavers

Our Housing Support service works with care experienced young people who are ready to take the first step into independent living. This can be a daunting time for many as they progress in their education or employment, manage relationships and learn to manage their income. Housing Support helps the young person to manage this important transition and life stage.

What 91 provide:

  • A robust support network
    Each young person’s move towards independent living is carefully planned. Once they make the transition they will have access to personal care in their new home if required and can continue to make use of Kibble other services e.g. Specialist Intervention Services, and education which includes young workforce development for senior phase pupils. Our young people have access to our qualified team 24/7 as and when required.
  • A bespoke service
    The needs of each young person are assessed on an ongoing basis which enables us to offer flexible, tailored services that effectively meet requirements.
  • Positive outcomes
    Kibble Housing Support Services provide a range of positive outcomes for the young people who are transitioning out of care and we continue to develop our connections with local organisations and build positive working relationships within the community. Examples of outcomes include:
  • Young people have benefited in different ways, such as help with employment matters, assistance to sustain their tenancy, and emotional support
  • Young people have secured employment and completed apprenticeships
  • Young people have maintained tenancies of their own
  • We encourage young people to get involved in charity work within the community
  • We introduced Better Futures, an assessment tool to chart the young person’s individual progress, identify goals and record the impact of Housing Support Services

Organisations outside of 91 can now make referrals to our Community Housing and Housing Support services. To find out more, please email housingsupport@kibble.org

Looking to the future, we are planning to offer an SVQ3 in Tenancy and Citizenship which will benefit young people as they make the transition to tenancies out with 91.

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