Secondary School Education | 91


91 provides a bespoke secondary programme for pupils in line with Curriculum for Excellence.

Our flexible curriculum provides a breadth of choice and challenge for S1 – S6 pupils. Young people are encouraged to study subjects that are relevant to them and year-on-year they achieve national qualifications as well as wider achievement awards. We aim to inspire young people and encourage them to believe in themselves. We guide young people along a carefully planned route and give them the support they need to achieve.

Experiential Learning

As well as the extensive suite of SQA qualifications on offer, wider achievements such as the Duke of Edinburgh, Sports Leadership awards and charitable work and citizenship awards play an important role in the development of a young person, often taking them out of their comfort zone and encouraging them to achieve more than they thought was possible. Our pupils grow in self-esteem and confidence through our creative and performing arts opportunities, including regular performances in our Gannochy Trust Centre for Expressive Arts.

Nurture and Encourage

A dedicated and resilient education team seek to nurture and encourage young people to exceed their own expectations. There is a balance between supporting young people to move beyond their own perceived limits while being sensitively attuned to their needs. Our pupils benefit from a lot of one-to-one support.

Supported Transitions

As young people progress and their learning context changes, we are able to provide consistency in relationships and expectations. Planned, gradual transitions with key adults who provide consistent support reduces stress and anxiety at points of change.

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